Arthur Foster


I have been a pigeon fancier since the ages of 9, one of my cousins introduce me to pigeons and I fell in love. I raised pigeons until I was 18 but I never lost the love for pigeons, eight years later I would try the hobby out again but now I find that there is a sport side to pigeons. In the process of me trying to acquire birds I met Kevin Brown he had a pigeon supply store and later that year I would meet Gregory Campbell they showed me the difference in the birds I once raised compared to what I would need for the sport now. Gregory introduced me to Sterling Garnes and with Kevin they pointed me in the right direction on caring for the birds properly and the different strains of birds. I joined a local club called BMTU [It was a learning experience]. Couple of years later I would join the FTS and the CNTU. I’ve had a couple of successful flies but never the big one I want, but I’m not giving up.

2012-2013 BUTC and FTS















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