Blondell Reid


Blondell aka Punch fell in love with pigeons 9 years ago. For 2 years he had acquired birds here & there for fun, but caught a serious itch 7 seven years ago and has been serious ever since. After acquiring birds from a local pigeon store and doing some research on where he could acquire more birds from other areas he then ran into Nash Milic through the internet.

He brought 3 pair from Nash Milic and never looked back. After studying and learning what the Shannons can do, he then decided that these would be the birds that he would work with. A little while after that, some friends wanted to start a club, soon after that the BUTC was started. Just like anything else Punch believes you have to crawl before you walk, and at some point and time in the future, he believes that the BUTC will make a name for themselves in the FTS. He has never flown in competition before until this year but sadly to say the Falcon gave him too many problems. He is very optimistic about 2011 and that once he gets going he won’t be able to stop them, until then he is content with feeding and scraping.





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